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Holbrook/Avon Youth Soccer Association Spring Tryout and Eligibility Policy
Travel Teams U10 to U19
1.                  All athletes must be registered and have paid all fees prior to tryout, unless otherwise stated by the Holbrook Avon Youth Soccer Association (HAYSA) Board of Directors in advance of the tryout, in order to be eligible for a position on any HAYSA team.
2.                  All players who wish to play above their age appropriate level must apply for permission from the HAYSA Board of Directors before or at the time of registration. (See “Playing Up Protocol” for other conditions and guidelines.)
3.                  If the HAYSA Board determines that an age group has a shortage of players and cannot support a team, those players will be asked to tryout at the next older age level available. (See “Playing Up Protocol” for specifics.)
4.                  All tryouts will be held at a central location on the same day or days. The order of tryout will always run from youngest to oldest, U10 to U19.
5.                  HAYSA Board will sanction all tryouts and a Board member must be present at all tryouts. Spring coaches or Board approved independent evaluators may run tryouts. All evaluators will rank the players from 1st to last, with keepers handled separately.
6.                  Coaches have the discretion of reviewingthe independent evaluations as submitted for the #1 goalkeeper and first 12 field players before assigning roster positions. If any coach believes the evaluation may be flawed, he or she will be given discretion to add players to their team from the players who have registered and attended at least one Board approved tryout or have registered and submitted a Board approved and accepted notice of their inability to attend a scheduled tryout.
7.                  The HAYSA Board has the right to change and modify these rules and policies, as HAYSA needs dictate.
Playing Up Protocol
A.                 As a general rule, HAYSA does not support a player playing on a soccer team above his or her age appropriate placement.
B.                 Any player wishing to attempt to play-up must first apply to the HAYSA Board to obtain approval to do so. The only exception to this rule occurs when a player does not have an age appropriate team on which to play. Permission is automatically granted to a player to tryout for the next higher age placement in this instance.
C.                 Both the player and his or her family must desire to play up. HAYSA will not force any player to play up against his or her desires.
D.                 All players must tryout with their age appropriate team prior to attending any older age level tryout. IF the player has no age appropriate team tryout to attend, said player should tryout at the next age level available.
E.                  In order to earn a position on an older age level team, the younger player must rank within the top 10 field players at the older age tryout or be the #1 goalkeeper.
The younger athlete has no age team available. In this case, condition “E” will not be observed. Any ranking that would place the player on the team would be accepted.
F.                  Players who do not have an age appropriate team who cannot make the next age level team will be allowed to apply to the HAYSA Board or HAYSA approved Director for permission to play up further than the next level. These decisions will be based on multiple factors and they will be final. Decisions will be made by the above-mentioned HAYSA Board or HAYSA approved Director.
G.                 Players who come into town after tryouts are complete, players who miss the tryouts for any reason, and sick/injured players who miss their age appropriate tryouts will all be eligible to move to an older age team provided there is space available, and HAYSA Board or HAYSA Board approved Director, agrees that such an approval will be beneficial to both the player and team in question.
H.                 In general, HAYSA will not allow U10 age appropriate players to play up. Special circumstances may be brought up for review before the HAYSA Board for the granting of exception.
Thank you for your interest in participating on a HAYSA Spring travel team. We are a 100% volunteer organization and do our best to be fair, consistent, and balanced in this selection process. However, know that we are human and this is not an exact science.
You may direct any questions, concerns, or comments to the Board of Directors by going to www.haysa.org and or by attending a general meeting conducted by the Holbrook Avon Youth Soccer Association.


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